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My Playroom Part 2

I think I spend MORE time figuring out how to organize my craft supplies than I spend using them.  Maybe I should just list 'organizing crafts' as a hobby.

Anyway, I rearranged my Playroom AGAIN.  This is actually a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.  I managed to streamline furniture to use it in a better layout. With this new layout, I was able to put in an extra desktop and set up my sewing machine permanently.  That was a goal of mine, and I finally figured out an arrangement to let me have that goal met.

As you enter the Playroom.
Expedit 4x2 cubby shelves hold items.

Looking  Counter Clockwise.
Mirrored door covered with vinyl.

My ribbon is NOW out in the open and
organized!  These are Ikea RIBBA
Picture Ledges.  I do want to get a couple more
because one can never have enough ribbon!

The other side of the closet, with the
Shredder in the corner.

The Ikea Alex carts are now stacked.
The printer cart was moved under this desk area.

Office and computer area

A view out my window. I used to have
a printer cart beside the computer desk.
Four foot long desk with my
Silhouette Cameo and sewing machine
on top. 

New metal shelves for stamp set boxes. Ikea Alex 9 drawer
units are now between the Origami metal shelves and the Expedit
cube shelves.

My craft desk is in the middle of the room, next to the Ikea Expedit 4x2 cubby shelves.  I bought some hardware to attach the desktop to the shelves.  It works for the LINNMON style Ikea desk tops.  My stainless steel desktop is NOT Linnmon. It's from the Sanfrid line. The stainless steel wraps around the entire top, sides and ends on the bottom. Because of the stainless steel on the bottom, the hardware to attach the desk to the Expedit shelves won't work.  This tabletop is virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE.  It's a shame Ikea doesn't make this style anymore, because I know other crafters would love it. Someone from Split Coast Stampers asked me about it, and I created some 'messes' on the stainless steel desktop.  Here is the picture I sent to her: 

So yes, this CAN handle regular messes. The only thing it's NOT good for is using it for an Exacto Knife cutting surface. OOPS! I have this long cut mark in the middle of it, but it doesn't affect the durability. It's just not that pretty. The Tombow adhesive took some rubbing with my finger to get it to release easily. The Glossy Accents did have to be scraped of with a paint scraper after it dried. I wiped all of the items with just a regular baby wipe and they came off easily.
The Sanfrid Stainless Steel Desk I use for crafting.
It is 29 5/8" x 59" x 1 5/8"  It does not fit the Linnmon connector hardware to
attach to the Expedit/Kallax cube shelf units. 
My crafting desktop is suported by
2 Alex 5 drawer units.  I use the 3M Command Hooks
on these units to hang things. 

Regularly used tools are easily accessible.
My drawing tools are right in front of me, in Sparco Cubes,
along with my full sized Tonic Studio paper cutter to the left. 

This is my view from my craft desk as I look forward:

I can see my monthly calendar, the clock and an iron laser cut sign right over the doorway that reads:

"Here is where I'm Happy"
This is strategically located above the door and has a twofold meaning.  

I'm happy inside my Playroom, and I'm also happy when I walk out of my playroom and into the rest of our home.  


  1. Love your craft room, I can't wait to come over and see it again :)

  2. Wow I'm in a world of envy! what a wonderful place to play! As I'm moving into my new place, I'm trying to use every inch of space I can! trouble is.. in this house, I have to have a futon on one side of the room, and leave enough space for it to open up for company... drat! That takes away an ENTIRE wall of space that could be all shelves. I'm going to put shelves onto the walls in as many places as possible! I love how you've used your wall space and love those clear cube things right on your desk where you craft. You gave me alot of ideas!

  3. Awesome! So organized - really nice! Thanks for sharing!


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