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Organizing my Playroom

My goal for 2015 was to get my playroom organized.  I've been chugging along, going through container after container to get the "like-things" together in one place.

One of my problems is that I LOVE containers.  I love containers that are alike, so they look neat when displayed.  I have purchased multiples of like containers in large quantities just so they are neat in appearance.  Some would call this an OCD thing, which, um, whatever.  I know that this was passed down from my maternal grandmother, to my mother, to me.  Whether it's nature or nurture, we can't really figure that out.

I've bought multiple (Thirty-One brand) "All In One" organizing totes as in these pictures:

This picture taken before I got my playroom.
Only 4 totes are now in use.Oh, er, 5. 

I've bought 12x12 clear containers:
These are very sturdy and I prefer these over other containers.
I gave away 3 or 4 of these after I decluttered!

and these 6 containers that were to hold my finished greeting cards:
These ended up holding 3D items I created.
Greeting cards really didn't fit too well. 
I have 6 Photo Boxes:
Only Six Photo Boxes.
and seven CTMH Large Organizers.
Yes, that's an empty container.
Plus Cropper Hopper folders holding the solid cardstock:  

But wait, there's more! My writing instruments are housed in Sparco X-Cubes:
Yes, there are 2 empty cubes!
and I found some older style shoe boxes that I bought probably close to 20 years ago when I started my organizing journey:  
The blue ones are very old. The white ones are
the current shoebox style available to buy.
Inside some of the drawers of the Ikea Alex drawer units, I use plastic baskets.  What's wonderful about these opened style baskets is that they keep items from shifting when the drawer opens and closes.  I wonder if I placed some of that rubberized shelf liner under the items they'd still shift?  Hmmmmmm....something to try later, I suppose.  

This drawer holds acrylic blocks, stamp cleaner,
and glitter glue.

Adhesives and some tools are in this top drawer. 
I have some containers that I can stack in the drawers:

These 2 foam inserts stack on top of each other
in one drawer.

Baskets can go on containers
that hold littler containers!
I've sinced reorganized a couple of those drawers.  The clear containers that hold clear round containers is now over in another drawer, stacked with other like containers. 
These 3 stack on top of each other. Sixty containers.

These are two different containers with hinged lids.
They stack in the same drawer as the aforementioned
My ribbon has been through many changes when it comes to how I store them.  I had them in drawers, but that wasn't really working well.  My loose ribbon, and those materials that weren't on a spool were thrown into a drawer  
until I finally organized it: 

The spools are now hanging on three of those metal pants hangers.  
One can never have enough ribbon.
A majority of my things in this room have been gone through so I can toss, give away, or recycle what I don't use, want or need anymore. I still have some paperwork to muddle through, so I can scan, file, or shred it.  

I decided this needed to be done--organize the stuff so I know where everything is. I have bought duplicate things in the past because I wasn't sure if I had it or not. I'm in the process of taking inventory of items.  There is one item that I haven't been able to find and I'm really hoping I didn't accidentally toss it in the recycling or the trash awhile ago.  It's the one and only Close To My Heart Cowboy Sticky Boy I found at the Dallas convention in 2012.  

The Cowboy Sticky Boy I found.  He was torn
when taken off the ceiling of an elevator.

I managed to glue Sticky Boy all back together
and made this card, giving him a 5 o'clock shadow.

I also made this card using some googly eyes.
Sadly, I cannot find my Sticky Boy.  THIS is the reason I have been going through all my containers.  This ONE stamp has driven me a little crazy because he's playing a great game of Hide and Seek.  I think he should just reveal himself so I can finally find him.  You can read about Sticky Boy on the CTMH blog

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  1. Love how you use all types of way to organize your stuff. I hope Sticky boy turns up soon.


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