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My Playroom

It's not just a craft room, it's a Play Room where I spend a lot of my free time. I've been working steadily to get it finished.  I am JUST about there.  There are some containers that I still need to explore, and drawers to declutter and label, but, for the most part, I'm happy with the layout.

I hit up Ikea again in Tempe.  I found some pieces of furniture online that could work for what I was wanting.  I really wanted an L shaped desk that had a keyboard drawer wide enough for a keyboard and mouse, with vertical shelves on the one side to house my Silhouette Cameo, my printer, and my Scanner.  Those would be on a tower to my right, then the computer desk area with keyboard tray and a small hutch at the back of the desk.  On the other side of the L shape would be a writing area, and file drawers on either side of that writing desk, with a middle drawer for pens/pencils.  THAT was my dream desk. I searched for about a month online to find something that resembled what I dreamed would be the PERFECT desk.

NO luck.  Well, I take that back.  I did find modular pieces from Pottery Barn that cost a couple more body parts PLUS an arm and a leg.  Um...not happening unless I win the lottery and oh, that will never happen since I don't PLAY!

So onto working with my favorite standby furniture--Ikea! I ended up buying the Linmonn Corner desk, a 24x40" tabletop, a discontinued Micke computer table with pull out printer shelf, 2 adjustable table legs, and 2 Alex file drawer units.  I also bought a trestle  leg system, but wasn't able to incorporate that into my playroom. (YET!) I was looking for a file drawer type unit, and found out that my Ikea now has the Alex File Drawer unit.  It comes in white and black/brown.  There are 3 small drawers and then the file drawer, which is on a wheel at the front of the drawer to help pull it out of the cabinet.

The furniture was easy to assemble since I'm almost a Pro at it.  I created small pieces of 'furniture' from graph paper to move around on a floor plan of my Playroom. OH MY GOODNESS it took a lot of time and frustration to come up with a plausible floor plan.  Once I did, I started moving furniture around the room.  Didn't like it, so moved some more....lived with it for a couple weeks and then realized, NO I do not like this either.  I finally got it figured out 2 days ago and I am pleased with the way it looks.

If you'd like to see my playroom, click HERE to see it in my Picasa web album.

I still have some ideas to update the closet. I would love to have adjustable shelves on either side of the closet.  The previous owner built shelves into those areas, but to have the ability to adjust the height of them would be so beneficial to storing like items.  I also want to add some more shelves above the current shelf/rod combo in that closet.  The height of the closet is as tall as the ceiling--12 feet, I believe.  I might as well take advantage of that area for storage.


  1. Love your craft room, some many creative ways to store things and also all the creative things you have made. Just love it

  2. What a lovely space to work and play in. I can see you enjoying each time you play in this room. Lovely!


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