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As Kermit the Frog Says....

As Kermit the frog says, "Time's Fun when you're having FLIES!"  I don't believe it, because who's ever heard of a talking frog before?!  This X-ray picture of Kermit is just downright silly--but it is my style of humor!

It's amazing how LIFE can get in the way of doing things.  That's what happened with me the last few months. So here's an update.

I chose to stop being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant at the end of February, 2014.  My mother was having some medical issues which is one of the main reasons I made this decision. I am my mother's caretaker. We live together in a nice home, and get along 99% of the time. My mother just turned 84 years old in August, and osteoarthritis is wracking her body. She has other health issues, but just the constant pain from the arthritis can be frustrating--going from an independent senior citizen, to someone who has to ask to be driven to doctors appointments.  

It has been 6 months since I stepped away. I still enjoy the CTMH products and projects they offer.  I'm not boycotting the company.  My best friend is now my consultant again and overall, it's a win-win situation.  If you are interested in seeing what Close To My Heart has to offer, please visit her website, linked below.  Thanks. 

My husband began a new job working with a major banking corporation as a Systems Support Analyst 4.  The best part about this new job is that he gets to work from home, FULL TIME.  Yes, FULL TIME, every day.  He is not a contractor, which is something he has done just about all his working life after retiring from the U.S. Army.  Hubby also started pursuing his masters in cyber security through University of Maryland University College, an online extension of University of Maryland.  I am so proud of him for wanting to continue his education.

I finally moved into my new Playroom.  You can read about it HERE. We also have a new member of our family. His name is Skippy and he is a Tibetan Spaniel. I blogged about how he joined our family in this Blog Post.

We took a vacation to New York to visit  hubby's family.  We love to fly on Jet Blue Airlines.  We usually take the last flight out of Phoenix whenever we travel to the east coast.  My younger daughter flew with hubby, his 11 year old son and me.  She was thrilled to go on an adventure, but I'm guessing she was a little overwhelmed by meeting my husband's family.  He is the 2nd oldest of 6 children. All three of his sisters have children who are in their mid to late teenage years. I think it's wonderful that there are so many in the family.  I am blessed to be in this family and his mother treats me and my 2 daughters very well.  I couldn't ask for a nice mother-in-law!  

The one thing we all enjoyed while we were back east was the fact that just about everything was green.  We are so used to seeing tan from the desert. Without much rain, the grass is tan and just fades into the background.  
Beautiful green pine branches

Wildflowers growing along the side of the road.

We visited my sister-in-law's home which is near the Finger Lakes region of New York. 

Hubby's son enjoys swimming at his aunt's pool.

Burning off some energy after lunch.

Down the road was a doe enjoying the summer grass.

The doe's two fawns enjoyed an afternoon snack.

Time for the babies to head back to mama.

Later that day we drove to dinner at an Oswego, New York restaurant, Rudy's Lakeside Drive-in.  Rudy's has been in business since 1946. When I asked what type of restaurant it was, neither hubby nor his sister could really explain it.  They both said, "It's just something you have to experience!"  Oh how right they were!  It's a square building with 1 front and 2 side entrances.  People stand about 6-7 deep in line to place their orders at the counter.  The kitchen is opened all around, so all the delicious smells coming from the kitchen equipment are tempting your senses! It's just chaos multiplied by 2 and if you have a little anxiety, it's best to ask someone ELSE to place your order for you.  

Ask me how I know this?!  Yes, it was so crowded in there, I could barely think, much less stand without having a small panic attack.  I glanced at the menu, shouted my order to hubby and waited outside with my daughter and his son.  

Eventually hubby came outside with a large tray of food.  We sat down at a picnic table by his siblings and started to eat.  Oh wow, the food was delicious! I had fried clam strips, French Fries, and apple sauce.  The food was hot and cooked to perfection.  

I finished my food and headed down to the waterline. There were boys trying to skip stones. I noticed a teenaged boy who was scouring the shoreline of Lake Ontario for the perfect skipping stones to toss across the water. I asked him what he specifically focused on when choosing a stone.  "Not too heavy, or too bulky--kind of flat and smooth ovals." he explained.  

My husband's son found some stones, but didn't have so much luck skipping them into the water as that one boy. Even my husband's brother was getting into the act, and doing a great job! I'm guessing a lot of the great skipping stones were already IN the water and they'd have to be dredged back onto the shoreline for more practice.  
Husband's 11 year old son trying to
find the perfect skipping stone to
toss into the lake.

Watching the sun set over any body of water is a treat.  Where we live, it's land-locked, so the only water we'd see the sun setting nearby would be our back yard pool.  It's just NOT the same as a natural body of water.  I made sure to get plenty of pictures while I had the chance.  Here are a select few:

One of hubby's nieces graduated from Oswego High School.  We attended her graduation picnic party at hubby's sister's home on Sunday afternoon.  The weather got quite warm and humid as the day continued.  I can deal with HOT, but humidity along with the HOT isn't my cup of tea! It was nice to see the family again and meet their extended family.  

Nice variety of food.

The Pirouette cookies on the tray had a cute blue 'tie' around each to
resemble diploma scrolls!

Hubby's son playing badminton in the side yard.

my daughter relaxing on the chaise.
Murphy, the dog is on the ground.

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