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New Playroom

Yes, it has been awhile since I updated my blog.  I have been BUSIER than a one legged man in an butt-kicking contest, as my hubby says.  (yes, he really does say that!)

ANYWAY, I finished painting my stepson's new bedroom and started to prep his old bedroom.  I was spackling holes and came across a bunch of flaking paint in the north east corner of the room.  The window faces north and to the right of it, up and down the entire wall, and going onto the wall that faces east I saw lots of paint peeling, flaking, etc.  I remembered we had a leak in this corner of the roof and it was fixed, in January, 2013.  So I scraped and scraped and scraped...

then decided, this MIGHT be a job for a professional.  We called a drywall expert.  He looked at the area and said, "Well, I cannot help you, because this appears to be mold under the scraped off areas. You'll need to call a mold expert to have it removed."  

GULP! Really?!  Okay, so I guess mold CAN grow in Arizona, even though it's dry as all get out a majority of the time.  We found a company via the ROTH network, and found that Serv-Pro of Gilbert was able to come out to take a look-see at it. 

Oh, yes, MOLD was found.  LOTS OF MOLD.  Luckily home owner's insurance took care of a majority of the costs. YEY! is my reaction that the mold is all gone--and was certified by an independent company for resale value.

THIS room is my "Playroom" as I've named it.  I moved all of my crafting furniture that was in the breakfast area of the kitchen into this room.  I also bought some new furniture from Ikea.  I purchased a 60" x 30" steel desktop for my craft desk area.  LOVE it!  I also bought 2 of the Adjustable Legs for the desktop if I want to prop it up with an Expedit 2 x 4 cube sized shelf that would lay horizontally. FYI: Expedit has been replaced with the KALLAX series.

Here are some "after" pictures of my Playroom.
North east corner where mold was removed.

Sewing area

Craft Desk Area

North west corner of room, and computer area

More of computer area, which is by the entrance to my playroom.

Other side of Sewing area, and closet. To the right of
the closet is the entrance to my playroom.

I still have to decorate the walls.  I have some boxes from September, 2007 that still are packed with pictures and knick-knacks.  One day I will get those unpacked and displayed.

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