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Sleeping Like a....

Baby...not quite! It's a hummingbird asleep on our orange tree.  It's chilly tonight--was COLD last night--got down into the 30's!  When I took these pictures on 12/6/2013, it was about 48°F. 

Hummingbirds puff up their bodies to protect themselves from the cold.  It's remarkable that my camera flash didn't wake it at all...or the dogs going outside and barking didn't either!  At around 6 something in the morning, it starts warming and waking up.  This is the third night this particular hummingbird has been in this location. 

The last picture is of one of the orange tree leaves with a bird feather stuck through it.  Just odd to see this in the same area as the sleeping hummingbird!

Enjoy the pictures!

The backside of the sleeping hummingbird
It looks like part of the branch is sticking through the bird, but it's not. There are feet in there holding on!

UPDATE:  I managed to get pictures of the hummingbird before it started snoozing! Here are a couple of pictures I took on Saturday December 7, 2013 around 5:55 PM.  The last one is a little blurry, but I wanted to show the beak in it--the black chin hummingbird had it wide open!
Black Chin female hummingbird. You can see her claws hanging onto the branch.

She's starting to puff up her body to regulate the heartbeat.

Black Chin was a little upset that I kept taking pictures.  G'night dear!

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  1. That is so adorable! I love the pictures. Definite share on FB. :)

  2. great pictures, your camera does a really good job.

  3. Fab pictures. It obviously likes your orange tree!!


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