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A Picture is worth...so many memories!

An early Hello to September! Hard to believe we are two-thirds finished with the year 2013. I came to the conclusion a few years ago that the older I get, the faster time flies. As a child, time would drag on so slowly. It would just take forever for specific days to arrive...holidays and birthdays. The last day of school was also another day that couldn't come soon enough for me!

Now that I am older, it amazes me how quickly the days, weeks, and months seem to pass.. I was reminded of this fact recently as I sorted through hundreds of photographs. I found a deal to get photos scanned and digitized onto a DVD. The deal is for 1,000 pictures. So as the deadline to send in the box of photos loomed closer, I had to figure out which pictures I wanted to send. Luckily I had presorted pictures according to subject matter earlier in the summer. So it was time to decide exactly which pictures were going to be boxed, sent, and digitized.

I have two grown daughters and I saw the first decade of each of their lives as I was preparing stacks of pictures. So many memories came to me as I looked at the pictures.

I am happy most of the pictures had a date stamp on them...either from the film developer company or from the camera I would use that featured the date stamp that burned into the lower right corner of each photograph. There were some pictures that had neither, which would challenge me to look for clues to determine when the pictures were taken. okay so which place were we living at the time they were posed in front of the Christmas tree? Hairstyles each child had helped fill in missing information and narrow the time frame. Both girls got perms one summer while visiting their paternal grandparents. These perms lasted FOREVER it seemed, or so they thought. Then again, time appears to go twice as slow from a child's point of view.

I came across a series of pictures I took after my older daughter competed in an  Invention Convention school event. She was in 4th grade and her entry won a couple of ribbons and advanced to the district level. I set those pictures aside and continued with organizing the pictures into stacks of 100.

I decided to create a scrapbook layout using these pictures I set aside. Now, for what it's worth, I have never claimed to be a scrapbook type person. I don't know why that is. When I originally started my paper journey, it was to work on greeting cards. I received a handmade card from my sister-in-law to be, Kelly. I believe it was a Thanksgiving card she sent to us. I looked at it and thought, this is really nice, and just looks so easy to create. "I think I can do this." So that's what started me playing with paper. One of the main objections for not getting into scrapbooking was because just about everyone I knew who did scrap their memories had TOO many supplies. It just appeared to me that all these things were only being collected and not used. I didn't want to become "one of them!"

So I got into card making. Logically creating cards is working with paper, and just about the same supplies scrappers use. Did I see it that way? NO I DID NOT! My illogical thinking was because I would make cards, those would go to people and not stay with me. Okay, so forget the fact that my supply of cards is going to start growing as I try new techniques. Or, my crafting supplies are going to increase as I educate myself on the techniques I used on those cards I kept creating.

So that is why I chose to make cards and steer away from scrapbooks. Yes, really what a dumb idea because both hobbies use almost the same supplies!

To be continued...

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