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Personalizing designs using CTMH Exclusive Inks®

I've been having some fun experimenting with inking the various types of embellishments Close To My Heart offers. These are great for adding to scrapbook pages, or greeting cards.  Even 3D objects can be 'blinged up' with all the fabric, chipboard, wooden, plastic, metal, and corkboard items Close To My Heart has in the Idea Books.  

Let's get creative--these are too BLAH!
Just a few of the CTMH embellishments

The embellishments I inked with the RUBY Exclusive Inks® were:
  1. White Daisy Grosgrain Ribbon (retired)
  2. Colonial White Grosgrain Ribbon  
  3. Color Ready Seam Binding Ribbon 
  4. Colonial White Rosette Ribbon 
  5. Silver Shimmer Trim 
  6. Milepost Shapes 
  7. Color-Ready Evergreen Cork Shapes 
  8. Color-Ready Arbor Wooden Shapes 
  9. Color-Ready Canvas Alphabet 
  10. Irresistibles Houndstooth Alphabet 
  11. Dimensional Elements Stars 
Ruby Exclusive Inks® Pad

Starting with the Ruby Exclusive Inks® stamp pad, I sponged each shape, using part of a Round Sponge.  I usually cut one of our sponges in half, then each half in half, and one more time to create 8 pie shaped pieces.  They are easy to pinch between the finger and thumb for swiping across the stamp pad and the items. 

Ruby Re-Inker diluted with
water for spraying
Using the Close To My Heart Spray Pen, I added water to the 7th line, and drops of Ruby Re-Inker to the 8th line, shook and sprayed the embellishments that were inside a cardboard box. I let these items dry overnight.   There is no odor using the Re-Inkers, so you can use them indoors when spraying.  

I like using a cardboard box, to control the overspray.  If I didn't use a box, spray would go on the surface, and all around...creating a big mess!!  

So I suggest for you to save a corrugated packing box the next time you get something delivered, and label it as your "CRAFT BOX"...then spray mist your items you place in there.  It'll save you a lot of clean up after they dry.  

Ruby Mini Pigment Pad

The Mini Pigment Pad Sets are brand new from Close To My Heart. There have been the Colonial White and the White Daisy Exclusive Inks® Pigment Pads but for the Autumn/Winter 2012's Idea Book and Catalog, the 4 Color Palettes have mini Pigment Pad Sets in stacks of 10 for $19.95.  These ink pads are rich with color and work well on the chipboard, cork and wooden shapes.  The ink remains moist for awhile, so be sure to let it dry thoroughly.  Pigment Pads have a different texture than the Stamp Pads.  The Pigment Pad ink doesn't give a crisp outline compared to the Stamp Pad ink. 

Finally, the last "Ruby" color ink product is also something brand new from Close To My Heart.The Alcohol Marker come in a set of two (2), the original color, and either a Light or a Dark shade.  The Light Ruby Alcohol Marker really stands out (below, left picture) as being a lot softer than the original Ruby Alcohol Marker shade. (below, right picture).

Ruby LIGHT Alcohol Marker
Ruby Alcohol Marker

So there you go, five different ways to add color to a variety of embellishments Close To My Heart offers.  THIS is another reason I just love Close To My Heart products--because you can personalize them to what YOU want instead of each one looking like everyone else's.  

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