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New Crafting Area

Hubby and I went to Ikea over Labor Day weekend and purchased some new Ikea furniture for my crafting area. The area where I have my belongings is supposed to be the breakfast area. Since we use the countertop and barstools for the breakfast rea, I claimed this to be my crafting "room." 

Ikea Epedit 4x2 shelving units are side by side and form the 'back wall' of my craft area. The bottom 4 baskets are also from Ikea. My dog, Daisy is over on the left side of this picture. See her?

Looking to the west, Essie (Silhouette Cameo), computer hutch, drawer units and crafting desk are along the south side & the 2 Expedit 4x2 shelf units on the north side. The area is approximately 13 x 8 feet.  Below the window is a dog door which cannot be blocked, or the dogs may panic.

Computer area. Old hutch computer cart still works well for my needs. Ikea Alex Drawer Unit holds my Silhouette Cameo, Essie, plus supplies.  It ALMOST holds the 24 x 12" sheets of vinyl. The sheets aren't completely flat, but it's a reasonable solution.

Ikea Alex 9 drawer units reside between computer and crafting areas. The small green containers still need a home, along with that large plastic container in front of the 9 drawer units. Each area has its own task lighting, along with a ceiling fan/light combo, AND the window.

Crafting area has 2 of the Vika Alex 5 drawer units. The desktop is also from Ikea.

Looking at the Expedit 4x2 shelving unit from the other side. Top shelf has room for Xyron and Big Shot machines, along with items too large for the shelf cubes.

Other Expedit shelf holds my CTMH stamp sets in the 8  All-In-One Organizers from thirty-one Gifts, dies and embossing folders in boxes, and CTMH Idea books.

Craft desk has a regular gooseneck lamp with an Ott light bulb in it.  Next to that is the CTMH craft tool holder that was given to Consultants in 2011.  I was lucky enough to get this one gently used and  it!  Beside the CTMH craft tool holder is the round artist caddy which spins. I believe that came from Hobby Lobby. The "x" cubes store my markers (ProMarkers and CTMH alcohol markers, along with Sakura pens. I found these at amazon.com and just ordered some MORE! I really like these organizers. In the other corner is my CTMH Exclusive Inks Organizer, which also spins. Why yes, those ARE CTMH Stamp Sets and paper on my desk!  I'm working on Halloween cards at the moment. 

Shelves above the Craft desk hold supplies and mementos. My daddy made these shelves to hold CD cases. I added wall fasteners to them to stay on the wall and 'float.'

Yes, there are EIGHT bags that house my Close To My Heart stamp Sets. There's an empty one (same pattern) next to those as well! The blue handled cubes were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I have my dies and embossing folders in these. The Chipboard photo boxes contain more dies and other craft supplies.

The plastic baskets are used for 'in progress' projects. I also use them to organize the drawers with like items. The orange plastic crate holds hanging file folders.

This card tree was recently found at my local Pier1 store. It's really supposed to display ornaments, but I decided to attach
greeting cards to it instead. I have small clothespins that clamp onto the wires to hold the cards in place.

I believe I'm going to buy another 4x2 Expedit Shelving Unit. I'll probably center it on the other 2 units.  These were SO SIMPLE to assemble.  I was really surprised how easy it was to put these Expedit shelving units together. They ARE incredibly heavy though, so be sure there are 2 people to help lift it.

There are some tasks left to accomplish.  I have one of those digital photo frames that I want to display with pictures of completed crafts and ideas to help me find inspiration to create!  

I also need to make a cloth cover for Essie, so she remains dust free!  Right now I have a hand towel covering her.  

There are files to organize (aka PAPERWORK!)...Paperwork is NOT my friend, so that's a never ending task.  Remember when we were told that Computers would help and we'd become a paperless society? Yeah, I remember that...and guess what...I'm STILL dealing with it many many years later!

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