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Two Months Later.....

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since I last posted on my blog?!  It appears to be that way.  I could offer excuses...such as the dog ate my homework...um...I've been on a trip around the world and back....um...I JUST washed my internet connection and couldn't do a thing with it.  YES, they are just silly excuses!  

I do have some valid reasons why my blog was not updated for almost 2 months.

My laptop decided to wag out on me. I was able to use an external display but not the laptop display to view anything.  WEIRD!  I borrowed hubby's external display monitor that he uses for work just to make sure it was the display and not the entire laptop freaking out. Luckily it was just the display.  I knew that wasn't going to cut it for long term computing because he would need that monitor back soon for work.  Besides, it was just more clutter on my small computer desk.

I chose to order a laptop from Toshiba's website.  I really don't recommend the "configure your own" method of ordering a laptop from Toshiba when you are limited on time.  I was limited on time, but I wasn't aware it would take so long as it really did!  So with this new Toshiba laptop being built to my specifications, and taking the slow-boat from China route--okay, NOT really a boat, but taking forever and a day to be delivered to me, I ended up going to a local store and buying one off the shelf.  I am pretty much pleased with my selection, a Lenovo Ideapad notebook. It's almost identical to the specially configured Toshiba I ordered, minus the 17 inch widescreen display. 

The Toshiba laptop I configured finally arrived and it hubby took it to use as his personal computer. He's happy as all get out because his laptop was older than mine that wagged out on me!  Beautiful display on his laptop now.  My laptop performs wonderfully, and I have no regrets getting this particular one off the shelf at my local store, Fry's Electronics.  

Meanwhile, I was able to remove the hard drive from my old laptop and place it in an enclosure to be used with the new laptop via USB.  So all my previous files are intact and ready to be accessed!  WHEW! 

I did manage to work on some projects while I was not blogging.  Here are some projects I've worked on the past couple months.  This first one was designed originally by Lisa Stenz.  It was a pleasure to create this very cute box.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the correct stamp set, so I substituted the June 2012's stamp of the month set, "Life is Tweet."    

Cute Notecard box decorated outside
using the CTMH Card Box and
Pemberley B&T Duo paper.
Inside of card box--
envelopes, 3x3" cards and pen

one of the 3 designs for Frosted Glass
sprayed tumblers.

Outside of Father's Day card
I made for hubby.Tie Files from
Birdscards.com, and cut with Sadie, my
Silhouette SD machine.

3x3" Twisted Easel cards
I created to swap
with other consultants.

Cellophane envelopes and labels
I created using avery.com
for the twisted easel card swaps.

Here are a couple of the layouts I created on Studio J.  CTMH gave consultants 5 free double layouts to design using their steps.  It was an exercise to demonstrate how much effort went into the latest feature of the Studio J program: Studio J's Express Collections.  If you've never logged into Studio J, it's easy to do--just  use the same log-in information you use on the Close To My Heart website.

With these 'already done for you' type layouts, all you have to do is just drop in your pictures, add journaling, and voila, it's done!  

This FIRST double Layout is being entered in the Heart 2 Heart Blog Challenge. It's a "Water Fun" theme for the 23rd of July!  

"Water Lily"

"Just Humming Along..."

Something you might not know-- Close To My Heart TOTALLY revamped the Studio J online Scrapbooking Program!  It's much nicer because they, lowered the price of their 2 page layouts!  How often do you see companies decrease prices?!  

Studio J had a fee that members paid to have access to all of the perks that non members didn't.  Some of these perks were having the ability to order JPG  files of their purchased layouts, along with design elements that only members could use.  

The FEES are GONE!  Studio J has all of the perks available to EVERYONE--member or not of Studio J.  For those who DO have a membership, they are going to be compensated with free layouts.  Details are located HERE  if you want to read more about this fabulous online Scrapbooking Program!

In addition to working on various paper crafting projects, our kitchen was in the midst of being remodeled.  In late May, we discovered a slab leak which led to our kitchen sink.

Our kitchen sink is in an ISLAND in the kitchen.  There were two options...okay 3 options if you want to count "Ignore it all and hope it goes away" as one of the 3 options!  

One option was to dig up the floor tile and foundation to replace pipes to the kitchen sink. 

The other option was to go UP through the ceiling out in the garage by the water heater area, coming across the attic crawl space, then fed through a hole in the kitchen ceiling down to the kitchen sink, and hiding the new pipe in a wooden column.  

My mom chose to go UP, over and then DOWN.  Now it's not THAT simple, mind you, because we had granite tile on the countertops.  We really didn't like this design--some of the grout was missing and some of it was discolored. The granite tile design was so dark, we couldn't see any stains on it!  So the granite tile was replaced by slabs of granite. This solved the grout problem.   

there were dark granite tiles for the backsplash and countertop,
along with the oversized white porcelain sink and many useless
plumbing fixtures.

Coffee Station area right beside the refrigerator.
Such a dark granite tile choice, just wasn't
pretty enough for our tastes!

The kitchen sink and faucet were also replaced.  The original sink (porcelain) was too deep, plus it stained and chipped easily.  The faucet configuration was for a left handed person...just too awkward.  There was the hot water dispenser, the spray nozzle, the faucet, the soap dispenser AND the faucet handle.  That was a total of FIVE plumbing fixtures going across the back of the sink area.  So a new stainless steel sink, and one kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer, along with the original hot water dispenser were installed. We went from FIVE to TWO fixtures and we are happy with that choice. 

The backsplash was designed and installed and we hung new pendant lights above the kitchen island.  Let me tell you, 


all this new, lighter color makes in our kitchen!
Cafe Creme granite is now the new granite countertop choice .
Beautfiul patterns and it brightens the kitchen.

Coffee Station redone--Camargo 6x6" tile,
along with Camargo ogee 2x12" tile on the
If you want to see ALL the pictures, click on:  https://picasaweb.google.com/104769360743827189030  then click on the "a new look for our kitchen" album.  

I was so inspired by the beautiful backsplash, that I asked the designer to get me a 12x12 inch square tile of the same pattern.  He obliged and I created this clock to hang on the wall beside the refrigerator:

Camargo 12x12" tile with
black vinyl clock face and
clock works installed.
So there you go...some of the excuses....reasons why my blog has been neglected.  There are other reasons, which I'll explain in another post.  That will be posted SOONER than in 2 months though!


  1. Great to see you blogging again. Love your stuff you shared.

  2. Hey Girl! As you are one of my crafty friends you get the prize! Your blog and artwork is so together. Head over and grab the Liebster Award.



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