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PMS really means....

"Pack My Suitcase" so I've heard.  Now, I'm not quite sure if that's TRUE or not, but I guess for some couples, PMS would mean that to the guy as he tried to escaped the wrath of his companion while she's dealing with 'female' problems.  LUCKILY, my hubby has never experienced my PMS symptoms.  As Martha Stewart would say, 'And that's a GOOD thing!"  

Okay, so what does THIS blog have to do with PMS?  Well, the SUITCASE part is what I am talking about!  Today I found a really cute 'suitcase' file at the Silhouette Online Store that was just uploaded by Lori Whitlock.   I purchased it (a file for 99¢--paper, my SD Sadie cutting said paper and a Permanent paper adhesive for a dollar or 2...and memories of the receiver's reaction is priceless!)

I just had to share the pictures I took of my creation!  I do want to create a couple more using Close to my Heart KRAFT paper...but I just wanted to get one created tonight to share with you!

This is the back side of the suitcase I created.  The ribbon is from Close To My Heart.  The paper is from K & Company.  I enjoy using their paper because of the weight of it, and it's double-sided!  

This angle shows the inside where the handle goes.  I modified this a bit.  There are two holes in the pattern. I added eyelets to those holes to run the ribbon through for the suitcase's handle.  I added brads to the 'buckle'  and covered all of that 'metal' (inside behind the handle) with another piece of the green dotted paper.  

Instead of using the paper 'strap' that was in the file, I chose to use ribbon as a strap.  In this picture, I took ribbon, securing one end inside the case with a sticky dot.  I ran it around underneath and then the back of the case, adding sticky dots about every 3 inches, so the ribbon would stay in place.  

The last part of the ribbon folds into the 'buckle' (held by the 2 brads) and at the end of the ribbon, I folded and put a sticky dot down, then repeated that process, so the end of the ribbon resembles a 'tab' to pull.  The suitcase handle is threaded through the 2 brown eyelets on either side of the buckle.  

This is an inside view of the 'suitcase.'  I did add the extra 'cover' paper to the suitcase, which helped keep it more stable.  

I really enjoy using Lori Whitlock's files from the Silhouette Store.  She has amazing ideas and it's fascinating that every day objects can come to life--in PAPER!   

Here's another item I created from her 3 part files for a Shadow Box.  YES, a SHADOW BOX, people!!  I made a shadow box...from PAPER.

Yes, this was made from about 4 pieces of Cardstock. I added various trinkets to this PAPER shadow box!  Some were held fast using Sticky Dots, but others are secure in this box!  If you decide to buy this 3 part file from the Silhouette Online Store, I really advise you to WATCH HER VIDEO first!  Lori has about 3 videos describing which cut out piece goes where, etc.  You can find her videos on YouTube.  

Oh, and the Watermarks on the photos...they are from a program called "Visual Watermark." It lets you create your own watermarks and 'batch edit' photos to protect them.  I really need to use this more often than I have been.  Very simple to use and nice interface!

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  1. OMG I love it, came out great and love the paper, cant wait to see more.


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