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Why didn't I think of that?!

Okay, it could be I didn't think of this idea because of a few reasons....

1.  My head's been rather fuzzy from this Virus that has gripped my body for the last 3-4 weeks.
2.  I am NOT a designer by nature, so there's a good chance I would have NEVER grasped this concept.  
3. My dog ate my homework!

NO, not really!  Dog likes food, not paper!  Seriously though, this concept that was introduced by the awesome designer, Lisa Barrie, in a blog she wrote in mid February was something I really am JUST wrapping my mind around. It opened my mind to think outside the box on how to design...my cards. Rarely do I make scrapbook pages, so I'm sticking with cards for now.

Her idea, so well explained, is to Use the Silhouette Studio software as an actual way to design a lay-out IN the software itself.  The way I have been approaching my Silhouette Studio, the software Sadie has been using for awhile, is to find items, cut them out, then piece them to go on a card.  IN THAT ORDER.

With Lisa's idea, instead of doing it MY way, it's create a sketch, or FOLLOW a sketch with ideas that you want to place on your scrapbook page or card.  

Here is her blog that better explains it: 

In this post, she talks about using sketches to follow to scrap pages.  I think that's an awesome idea, and I've been doing this for a little while.  It helps keep the 'look' of the item you are creating, simple, and easy on the eyes.  I used to be on Jill the Scrapoholic's Card "Sketchy Saturday" team last summer and fall, so I got accustomed to following sketches.  

Recently I purchased the Close To My Heart "How To" program books that are being discontinued.  These are VERY LIMITED in quantities, so if you've been on the fence about getting one, NOW is the time.  Once they are gone, they are GONE.  You can read about each one at my Close To My Heart shopping website.  
These books have a variety of ideas AND sketches offered to help you gain knowledge and self-assurance with projects you create for yourself, loved ones and friends.  

So getting back to Lisa's post, she shows this beautiful scrapbook page she created following a sketch, and creating it IN HER SOFTWARE!  She views the Silhouette Online Store for similar shapes to what she wants to use, downloads them and places them on her 'mat.'  

Now in THIS case it's a virtual mat because she isn't going to cut out ALL the designs the way it's laid out on the virtual mat.  She's only rearranging items, sizing them to what she wants, shaping, manipulating shapes, etc.  

THAT is the brilliant part!  WHY?!  Because a lot of time can be wasted in trying to cut something similar to what you need!

Does any of this sound familar to you when you are hand cutting your shapes for a lay-out? 

" Oh dear...it's just a hare too small, so I have to cut it again.
" ooh, mannnnn, I cut this unevenly...well, maybe I can use it for something else."
"THAT wasn't supposed to happen!"   

A lot of the unnecessary cutting by not getting it right the FIRST time, (not to mention, paper wasting!) can be eliminated if they are just CUT with the Silhouette Machine, using the Software.  

My mind was locked into, if I have a shape, I will need to cut it out using only one color."  Now my eyes have been opened to using the Close To My Heart B&T papers in a card.  

So I read Lisa's blog this morning...way early because I wasn't able to sleep (thank you again, Virus for gripping my body for another week.) and I swear, the lightbulb moment happened to me.  EUREKA!  I really wanted to actually SHOUT that outloud, but at 4 something in the morning, NOT a good idea with others sleeping...know what I mean?!

I opened my Silhouette Studio software, and designed this card sketch:

This was just a quick and easy sketch for a card.  I  didn't use the SAME colors, but I took Lisa's advice about coloring the different parts to keep track of what was what.  I saved the image as a STUDIO file, then later on, I came back and decided to work on it.   

Tonight I finished it!  Here is MY result:  

I used papers from the Florentine (background) and the Lucy Collection (sun and phrase)  I also used TAFFY, PARCHMENT (for the labels), SUNFLOWER (for the backing for the phrase.)  I placed it on a Colonial White  4.25x5.5" card.  

I added Ribbon (Cocoa grossgrain) and Clear Sparkles.  The Swirl and the sun on the right were drawn with a Chomas Creations purple glitter mini-gel pen in the Chomas adjustable pen holder for the Silhouette.  

The word "ADORE" was lined with a purple Sakura Glaze pen. The "Bling" is from CTMH's "Rhinestone Designer Brads." I removed the prongs and glued on the embellishment.  

The frames are the Nesting Artisan Frames file, the Swirl is called the "Adore Circle" which was included in the Vinyl Starter Kit.  The phrase, "You are my Sunshine" is from Silhouette, (original collection on dvd.)  Finally, the sun is called, "SUN" which is in the Online store.  

Now the sun was moved from one location to another, but I felt it had better balance in its new place.  

Here are some close-ups of the card:

Double 3D Foam Tape, and Rhinestone Designer Brad on top of sketched sun.

Details of the drawing on the card.

details of the phrase. The ♥ shape above the letter *I* is 1/16 INCH tall.
I just want to thank Lisa Barrie again for posting this awesome idea of a tutorial for designing and following sketches using the Silhouette Studio Software!  


  1. What a great idea, I love your card, when I get my cameo I will try it out.

  2. Jann, I'm so happy for you and your eureka moment! I love your blog and you have such a fun writing style, so glad I could help! Big Hugs, Lisa Barrie http://lisabarrie.blogspot.com


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