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3-D Football creation

Hello everyone!  Happy Saturday to you!  We're already finished with the very first week of 2012.  How many of you are still writing 2011?  

I made a really cute football. I'm gearing up for the Sunday Wildcard playoff game between Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos.  Let's go STEELERS! ;-)

Here is what my football turned out to be:

Notice the tiny football in the background?  Yeah, I'm a Steeler fan!!  

This was  designed using a file from the Silhouette Online store and I used the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to resize, manipulate and cut it with Sadie.  

Purchase the file, 3d_football_C00611_17986, which is the "sliceform" 3-D football. and then open it in your Silh. Studio.  This was designed by the talented Kenzie Daley, whose blog is 3 under 3 and more.  This file is 99¢ at the Silhouette Online store.  Her file is about 8.5 x 4.3 inches.  One of the wonderful features of the Silhouette Studio software is the ability to ungroup images, and manipulate them to your liking.  Had I cut this football using the original size for the file, the football would have been very small.  It was about 2 3/4" by 2" and that's just not very big.  

So I decided to break apart the file and resize it as large as I could using my Sadie.  Now Sadie is a Silhouette SD machine, and the mats used are 9 inches wide by about 13 inches long.  I use cardstock that is already 8.5 x 11 inches so the piece can't be any longer than 11 inches.  

Items needed: 

4 pieces of black cardstock 8.5 x 11" 
1 piece of yellow cardstock 8.5 x 11"  
Silhouette SD or Cameo
Your favorite adhesive
carrier mat (I used 2, to speed up the process)
the YELLOW bladecap, using the setting for medium cardstock for the SD.  


In the Silhouette Studio software, OPEN the 3-D Football file.

Select "NEW DRAWING"  4 additional times, to have 5 windows opened.  (original file in its own window, plus 4 additional windows)

UNGROUP the image.  Select NONE.  Click on one of the regular football shapes.

CUT it, then PASTE it on one of those 4 windows.  SIZE it  8.50 for H and 5.830 for W.  Do this for the other 2 shapes that have NO lace attached.

So now you have 3 windows and each one has a football shape on it.

The one football shape WITH the lace attached will be sized 8.50 x 6.715.  That goes on its own page as well.

The original file's window should be left with the 2 circle end pieces and one lace pattern. The circles are both sized at 5.050 x 5.050 inches.  The lace, is sized at 0.795 x 2.660 inches. Duplicate the lace, just once time. I decided to apply the yellow lace on either side of the football shape that has the lace.  So NOW, there should be 2 circles and 2 lace patterns on one page.

The yellow cardstock will be used for the circles and lace window.  I used the default setting for medium weight cardstock, using the yellow cap.

Cut out the lace & circle patterns.  You will have 2 laces, and 2 circles, for a total of FOUR pieces.

Cut out each of the black cardstock pieces. You will have 4 individual football shapes.
One having ONE slit, 
Two having 2 slits, 
One having one slit AND a lacing pattern attached to it one side. 

All in all, you will have a total of EIGHT (8) pieces of cardstock that have been cut. 


I used Kenzie Daley's blog to help assemble my football.  She used a pumpkin in her example.  Looking at the cut pattern, it's easy to figure out which piece is which in relation to the pumpkin shapes.  Her pumpkin shapes are lettered.  I figured out which football shape 'matches' her pumpkin shapes:

The football with the lace is "A."
The next piece with the short slit at the top and long slit at the bottom is "B."
The football shape with the long slit at the top and short slit at the bottom is "D."
The last football shape that has only ONE slit, is "C."
The end circles will go on either end of the football, and the laces will go on either side of Piece "A" with your favorite adhesive. 

is the website with the assembling instructions.  I'm not even going to try to put these instructions into my own words.  Kenzie does such a great job with the pictures and descriptions, so she gets FULL credit for this tutorial!

I placed each piece in alphabetical order and followed her very simple instructions.  I'm telling you, this was so easy to grasp, a CAVEMAN could do this (With apologies to Geico for that pun!)

If you have any questions regarding assembling, please contact the original creator of this file, Kenzie Daley.  

Now, as they say, lather, rinse and repeat...and of course, one more thing....



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