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It's the (Silhouette SD) Holidays!

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I posted...but I'm sure you can understand how busy it can be during the holiday season! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  I certainly did, and hard to believe it's over just like THAT!  No, of course it isn't...the decorations are still up, along with the Christmas tree!  

Christmas Tree, 2011

I want to share with you some creations I made using Sadie, my Silhouette SD machine. I'm always amazed at the ability of this machine--the way I can alter PREMADE designs I purchase from the Silhouette America online store! For instance, on Samantha Walker's "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" snowflake design she created for the store, I decided to remove the phrase that swirled towards the center of the design.

HOW? I used the eraser tool. TA-DA, it's altered just a bit to suit MY needs. I can do that, right here on my computer, easy-peasy, lemony-squeezy!

Here is MY version of this gorgeous graphic...minus the saying.

I decided to put this on a clear glass candle holder plate I found in Target. This is my second vinyl project, and I did get transfer paper for it, instead of using drywall tape!

I applied the vinyl to the underneath of the clear plate. Nice idea--so the graphic wouldn't get damaged if candle wax were to drip on it...except ONE slight problem. I wasn't aware the UNDERSIDE of the vinyl is WHITE! For some reason, I thought the underside would be the same color as the top side. Now, wouldn't THAT be nice?

After I applied it to the underside of the plate, it was all white! I used this rich red colored vinyl and all that showed was WHITE. Hmmmmmm, what to do. Okay, so I thought...and figured out, GLITTER would jazz this up!

I took Some Spray Adhesive and sprayed the underside of the plate. THEN took some ultra fine glitter (red) and sprinkled it ALL over the plate. Shook it all off, sprinkled, shook it off, etc. I did that about 5 times. I used a cardboard box to contain all the glitter. Glitter is one of my LEAST favorite embellishments to use. Well, Glitter Glue is nice...but glitter itself. BLECH! Hate using it--cleaning up after using it, etc!

After the glitter was applied, I sprayed the plate's underside with Clear acrylic sealer. I gave it about 4 light coats of it. After it dried, I let it 'set' and wrapped it up for my mother for her Christmas present.

This is the result:

She was very happy with it and placed it on a plate holder as soon as she took it out of the wrapping paper!

Here is another gift I made for my mother. It's a clear acrylic cube that has 4 wire 'photo holders' on it. Here's the holder:

Acrylic Cube

2 of the flower designs

Other 2 flower designs

In addition to these 2 gifts for my mother, I created a card using a Silhouette design, from a designer at Snapdragon Snippets. Here's my rendition of her card:


  1. really cute. love the tree, the plate and the cubes turned out awesome.

  2. SOOOO, so, so pretty!! Love the plate :-) And I totally agree with you about the glitter. Love the look, hate the mess! TFS

  3. What great projects! I love to see how people make home decor stuff. I never think to do that! Thanks so much for sharing!



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