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Jill the Scrapoholic's 30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop

Happy Holidays everyone!! Today I am hosting Day 27 of Jill The Scrapoholic's 30 Days of Handmade Gift Gifting Blog Hop. You can reach her blog for the other days of November by clicking on Jill's icon below.

There are a lot of great ideas on her blog, in addition to a 30 day blog for Christmas Cards and Sketches she's hosting. Be sure to give Jill some Props for all this hard work!

My handmade gift is an Angled Clipboard.

Two different sizes of clipboards to make

Okay, so let's say you are using a clipboard, and trying to view it while it's flat on the counter or desk. Because I am "vertically challenged" ~~aka SHORT~~~ it can be difficult to see all the info on the clipboard sheet. So what I have to do is lift up the clipboard at an angle to view the paperwork better.
Well, my handmade gift helps you view the clipboard's paper without having to tilt it. I figured this would be a great idea for recipes, instructions, directions, or even just jotting down notes quickly. I actually used the smaller clipboard Thursday afternoon to follow a recipe. The angle helped me see the recipe without any problem.

Items needed:

~~ 1 clipboard (9x13" size OR 6x9" size)

~~ 2 wooden spools, (3/4" x 1")

~~ 4 to 6 flat washers.
~~ 2 hex nuts, or domed cap nuts to fit the bolts
~~ 2 #6-32 x 1-1/2" Machine Screws
(which LOOK like bolts but because the top can be tightened with either a Philips or slotted screwdriver, it's a screw--Go figure!)

~~ a 5/32 drill bit
~~ a Power Drill
~~ Pencil
~~ Ruler
~~ Screwdriver (either slotted or Philips, depending on the Machine screw you use)
~~ Slip Joint Pliers
Retractable Razor Scraper

~~ 1 can of spray paint, any color
~~ tack cloth (to wipe off dust)
~~ sandpaper 220 grit

~~ graphics or pictures that are printed from your printer on photo paper
~~ Your favorite Adhesive (ATG, spray adhesive, Glue stick)
Blue Painter's tape
~~ Mod Podge
~~ foam brushes
Clear Gloss spray

(Links to some of the items in this list are for illustrative purposes only.)


My clipboard had stickers on it when I purchased it (the UPC codes), so I scraped them off with the retractable razor sraper. I used a piece of 220 grit sandpaper to sand the area where the stickers had been, then I sanded around the edges of the clipboard.
After it was hand sanded, I wiped off the board with the tack cloth.


Using the ruler and pencil, mark a line one inch down and then one inch in from the side edge towards the top of the clipboard. Be sure these lines intersect each other. (see next picture.)


Drill right at the intersected line using the 5/32" drill bit and a drill. I recommend placing the clipboard in a vice first to keep it steady, clamp it to the workbench top, or have someone hold it for you.

After the holes are drilled, take the blue painter's tape and cover the clip part of the clipboard, front and back.


Alternately, you can remove the clip from the board using a pair of pliers to hold the nut and a screwdriver to loosen the bolt. (photo to left)

I really do NOT recommend this method since reattaching the clip to the board isn't so simple as removing the clip from the board. The clip has to be pressed to lay flat while inserting the bolts (aka machine screw) in straight, AND tightening these itty bitty hex nuts. So...holding the clip, holding the bolt (aka machine screw), PLUS holding the hex nut..means you need THREE hands or a LOT of patience. TRUST me on this one!!

I suggest that you grab that blue painter's tape and cover the silver metal clip. After the metal clip is covered with the painter's tape, pinch the clip open just a bit and make sure to put tape on the edge that meets the board and fold the tape so the bottom edge is completely covered with the blue tape.

This is VERY important to do!


If you don't cover the bottom part of the clip that sits against the board, then add Mod Podge to it, when it's time to lift the clip, the dried Mod Podge will come up with the clip, in one large 'sheet' and you'll need to repeat the Mod-Podge step again. YOU GOTTA TRUST ME on this one as well!!

Spray paint the clip board with a can of spray paint--any color you choose. I just happened to use "Navajo Whhite" Gloss because---it was already in my stash of spray paints!

The clipboard, because it's made from a composite wood, will SOAK up the paint--first 2 layers at least. It took 3 coats to completely cover the front and the back using this spray. Let the paint dry thoroughly on the clipboard. A couple days worked for me.


Also, you might want to spray the wooden spools. I threaded each spool onto plastic 'zip-ties' and poked the zip tie into my peg board so the spools wouldn't touch anything. I did place a trashcan underneath them for paint drips from the spools.


Meanwhile, while you are watching the paint dry (no, not really!), think of a 'theme' for your clipboard. For example, if the recipient likes Angels, search for Angel images on your favorite search engine (i.e. Google.com or Bing.com) and save them to your computer, to print on photo paper. You can also use regular photographs you've taken of family, events or friends. Just select graphics that the recipient is going to enjoy viewing while using their Angled Clipboard.

I happened to choose the theme of "household chores." I found some really cute graphics via google.com that I printed out on an 8x10" sheet of glossy photo paper. Trim the photos around the edges so there is barely any border attached to them.

Use your favorite adhesive to attach the photos to the larger board. I adhered 2 photos
sized 4 to 4.5" square each on the front and back of the large clipboard.


On the smaller clipboard, I attached 4 smaller photos (about 2.5" square) on the front, and a graphic called "Chores Su
bway Art" by Ginny Nilson. I downloaded this from the Silhouette America Download Store and cut it with Sadie, my Silhouette SD. I used a dark blue vinyl on the back of the board for this graphic.


Be sure to add your favorite adhesive to the back of each photo around the edges., then attach them to the boards. Once the photos are attached, use a foam brush to apply Mod -Podge to the front. Follow the directions on the bottle. Once that dries, repeat this step on the other side of the board. It doesn't take long for the Mod-Podge to dry.

When the Mod-Podge is dry, Spray the front of the board with Clear Gloss Spray. A couple coats will work. Again, follow the directions on the spray can to apply the Gloss.

After that side dries, flip over the board and spray the back side of the board with the same Clear Gloss Spray.This is to keep the graphics from getting wet and ruined if the clipboard gets splashed with water. After the board is all dry, it's time to attach the hardware for the 'feet.'

If you did NOT remove the clip, then just peel off the blue painter's tape that covered the clip before you started working on it.

If you did remove the clip, ask someone to help you with attaching it. They can either work the pliers and screwdriver, OR apply some pressure to the clip by squeezing it gently enough to lay the back part of the clip to the board to line up the holes. Once you have one side attached, the other is simple to do.


NOW it's time to attach the "feet" to the clipboard. This is the order in which you will attach all the hardware from front to back. This is just for ONE 'foot.' You'll repeat this same order on the other side, because there are 2 "feet" on this board.
  1. Bolt (aka Machine Screw)
  2. Washer
  3. Clipboard
  4. Washer**
  5. Wooden Spool
  6. Washer
  7. Nut
**There is an optional washer in this configuration. It really depends on the length of the bolt (aka Machine Screw.) If the nut still has some threads coming out of the bottom of it after everything is tightened, then loosen the nut, add that washer between the board and the spool. The following two pictures shows you each configuration--with and without the optional washer.




From the front, thread a washer onto the bolt, (aka Machine Screw) and push the bolt (aka Machine Screw) through the hole you drilled. If it's too hard to push, take a screwdriver to drive it all the way through the board.

Once the washer and bolt (aka Machine Screw) are through the front flip the board over so the back of the board is facing you. You will add (the optional washer if needed,) the painted wooden spool, the other washer, and then the nut.

Hold the nut with the pliers, and turn the bolt (aka Machine Screw) with the screwdriver from either side of the board.
Repeat this process for the other drilled hole, to attach the second 'foot.'

Place a pad of paper in the clipboard and Ta-Da! A nice handy gift you created all by yourself!

Front of the large and small clipboards.

Back of the large and small clipboards.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for creating your own angled clipboard. It's not the FANCIEST of gifts, but it's a nice idea for someone who has EVERYTHING!!

Happy Crafting Holidays from me to you!


  1. That is such a nifty idea! You brought out a lot of very important steps that many want to skip cause of time consumption but like you said they are important and end up causing issues later if you don't do them. I'm vertically challenged too! I am gonna try this on a few of clipboards I have especially the one I have for my sketches it will give me that angle I need when sketching! TFS and being part of the hop!

  2. Terrific job! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I love that style of pictures too.

  3. Jann, you do great work girl. You and Sadie have sure been busy! What a great idea. Never thought about using spools for feet, cool. I love the Silhouette subway art. A+


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