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Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge into the world of Independent Consulting.  I've done this in the past, as a consultant for Tupperware back in 1991-1993.  I was my best customer!  I made some friends from that adventure.  In fact, I'm still friends with one of my customers, Tina!  I babysat her son, Nathanial when he wasn't even a year old yet.  Now he's a freshman in college!

So I decided to start being a consultant for Close to My Heart.  I have a website set up, where you can browse and Order online and have it directly shipped to your home!  You can see my website here.
 OR, just copy and paste this link below to go to my CTMH website.


Now, WHY would I choose Close To My Heart as a company to represent?  Well, I just happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE, and did I mention, LOVE their products?  


If I could make the aforementioned as a beating heart, I would...but since I can't, I just gotta tell you why I love this company's products.  

They Rock.

Okay, I'm done.

No, seriously, I really enjoy their Acrylic Stamps, called My Acrylix.

Their Acrylic Stamps are just AWESOME!  They come in a plastic pouch that snaps shut.  The pouch contains an information sheet which gives you directions on how to use the My Acrylix stamps.  The stamp set  is CLEAR, so you can place it on an Acrylic block and SEE what you are stamping.  There's a cushiony foam sheet inside each pouch that the My Acrylix rest on, instead of a clear sheet that can easily blend in with your surroundings.  

That cushioned foam sheet is actually a great idea.  Acrylic stamps should be used on a cushioned surface so you get a crisp, clear image when the ink is transferred from the stamp to the paper.  You can see the ink going from stamp to surface.  If you stamp on a flat surface, little ridges and small details in the stamp are not going to transferred so clearly to the surface (paper.)  

Being that the stamp is clear, you can also add a 'shadow' with a lighter color and line it up perfectly with the stamped image.  That can't be done easily with foam mounted stamps or red rubber stamps on wooden blocks.  

I also love the Exclusives Ink stamp pads CTMH offers.  Have you seen the variety of colors Close To My Heart makes in JUST ink stamp pads alone?  WOWZA! Quite a choice there!  The Stamp Pad actually is stored, get this--UPSIDE DOWN!  This is so the ink is always at the top of the stamp pad when you go to use it.  It's a strange thing to imagine, but it works wonderfully.  The Lid is attached, so it won't go anywhere.  It's an easy to grip large plastic container that stores the pad, and the opposite side has room that you could add a little bit of water to it and use a paint brush to watercolor your images.  

So there you go, two good reasons why I really enjoy the Close To My Heart line of scrapbooking/crafting products.  

By the way, This is National Stamping month, and Close To My Heart is offering one sweet deal!  It's the very first DOUBLE stamp set!  It's called, "Pair-A-Phrase," and it's just adorable!  There are images and phrases galore!  It's available ONLY until the end of September, 2011.  How can you get this fabulous and rare double set of Acrylix stamps?  EASY--spend $75 in qualifying purchases and you will get this set for FREE.  You can read more about it HERE!  

Thank you for reading about my "Plunge."  


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