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SADIE has arrived!

Oh yes, I named a piece of electronic equipment. My Silhouette SD electronic die cutting machine arrived Thursday the 4th. I haven't had much time to use it because...well, you know how LIFE gets in the way of PLAY, huh?! That's happening right now.

For what it's worth, Silhouette America is phasing out this smaller electronic cutter and introducing a cutter, "CAMEO" that will be able to cut a 12 inch square piece of cardstock paper. It will also work with the "Sure Cuts a Lot" (SCAL as it's known) software program. I own a different computer program called "Make-The-Cut" (MTC.) Sadie works with MTC. Hubby ordered my Sadie from FOTOBELLA, which has a great price and a variety of bundles.

So meanwhile, Sadie has been waiting to be used. Recently I got around to printing out some Silhouette Studio graphics I "purchased." Well, I did purchase them, that's correct. But it didn't cost anything since Sadie came with a gift card to the Studio store. So I've been checking out graphics, and "Print And Cut" files on there. The files go through the printer first, and then laid on the "carrier" mat which is a really lightweight plastic mat, which has a low tack adhesive to it, that fits a letter sized piece of paper.

Now, I've been working so much with crafting lately, that I actually stopped playing Farmville on Facebook. Well, that's one reason...another reason is because I was getting bored with the game. I've been playing for over 15 months now, at least. So I'm taking a break right now. I did this over Christmas time and not much changed while I was gone. I guess it can be compared to watching a soap opera--you just don't miss much, although they want you to believe you'll NEVER catch up.

Here are a couple of graphics I printed and cut from a graphic set I purchased on Lettering Delights. They have nice graphics, along with other types of media to download and use.

These 2 cards have the animals from the "Fat Chicken and Alley Cat" collection.

Having a RRRuff Day?

Dogs have owners...cats have staff!
(phrase courtesy of Pink by Design)

This last project was just something that was on the Silhouette Studio as a graphic that could be purchased. I'm in the midst of 'decorating' the tree, but I wanted to display the intricate cutting that Sadie can perform. Circles are actually CIRCULAR, even when they are that tiny. This has been an issue with the Provo Craft cutters. A Circle is never perfect when cut from one of their machines.

Christmas Tree 3-D container.

Sadie's doing very well, and I'm quite pleased at my selection. The size of Sadie is so SMALL compared to the other machines I've used. It's also lightweight.

If I could change some things (and, the way my brain works, I'm ALWAYS wanting to improve things for MY comfort level!)...I would add a permanent line on where the carrier mat is to line up with the front of the Silhouette SD machine. I ended up drawing lines on that section so the arrow that's in the center of the media/carrier mat is inserted.

I also did this to my Martha Stewart Scoreboard, so it'd be easier to reference which line represented which increment of measurement. I posted it on Martha's Facebook page, but I haven't heard back from them. A couple of my crafting friends have used this method and we all find it helpful to read the scoring lines.

My Altered Martha Stewart scoreboard.

So there you go, my Sadie is here to stay and I'm having fun with her!! She's next to my computer desk, ready to be used...as soon as I push that lil' standby button!

Until next time,

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