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New Camera's Snap-Schotts

Hello everyone! I bought a new camera in mid June and I've been experimenting with it. I do know I need to work on getting some larger capacity SD cards though. It's an Olympus vr-320 digital camera, with 14 megapixel and a 12.5x optical zoom. It's a SMALL camera compared to my Panasonic that I talked about in my first ever post on this blog.

I wanted to get a smaller camera that I could slip into my purse easily so it wouldn't take up a lot of room. This new Olympus camera certainly fits THAT bill! This new camera is 3 7/8" H x 4 1/4" Wx 1 1/8" D. It's smaller than my smart phone!! The battery is small as well. It takes a regular sized SDHC card. The only one I had was the 4 gig that was in my Panasonic camera. That camera is only an 8 mega pixel camera vs. this 14 mega pixel Olympus. The Panasonic though does have an 18x optical zoom whereas the Olympus has 12.5x. If I could design my perfect camera, it'd be the size of this Olympus, with a high optical zoom, a view finder and a high megapixel!

Well, since I cannot design my own camera, I'm adjusting to this new one. The first time I really used it was at a concert hubby and I saw in Phoenix. We enjoyed the RUSH concert and had decent seats. I wish I had some time to learn the new camera before the concert, but since it arrived THE SAME DAY, that wasn't going to happen!

Here are some pictures I took that night:

Our vantage point for seeing RUSH in concert 6/16/2011.

The 3 band members who just played so well!

Here are some other pictures I've taken with the new Olympus.

A super macro shot of the passion flower

A super macro shot of the African Violet blooming

Two doves enjoying the bird bath

So I'm getting the HANG of this camera...It's taking awhile, but I don't mind. I just need to work on getting a larger SD card so I can take higher resolution pictures. I do like the camera--just a small learning curve compared to the Panasonic I'm used to using. Luckily, the Olympus has a "?" button on it which briefly describes optional settings.

Thanks for reading and until next time-

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