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OUT with ALL Provocraft!

I joined the BoycottProvoCraft group page on Facebook in mid March, 2011 because of the settlement made between Make the Cut software and Provocraft. Apparently Provocraft wasn't happy that customers preferred third party software used with their machines. That's a shame, because a LOT of people admitted that they specifically bought their Cricut Expression or Cricut Create machines to use with their own designs, via third party software. Buying a software program for $80 vs. a cartridge that has a limited number of graphics on it for $90 retail is a NO brainer!

I will admit, I have bought PLENTY of cartridges...granted not so many as some of my crafting friends have though. I have approximately 40 different cartridges and I've probably used...1/4 of them. So I am getting rid of ALL of my Provocraft items. I have (are you ready?!):

  1. Cricut Expression, bought in 08/2010 with a 3 year warranty from HSN.com.
  2. Cricut Created, bought in 04/2010, with a 3 year warranty from HSN.com.
  3. Cricut Gypsy that has ALL my cartridges linked to it. I was also able to download all of the 'exclusive' digital cartridges (to include Smiley Cards) when it was offered.
  4. Cuttlebug (V.1), in a deep rose color (not the typical green), purchased from hsn.com.
  5. A PLETHORA of Cuttlebug Embossing Folders.
  6. Many Cuttlebug Dies.
  7. 2 BRAND NEW, STILL IN THE WRAPPER 12x24 mats..
  8. 3 12x12 mats.
  9. 3 6x12 mats.
  10. The Cricut Essentials Case, to include the spatula.
  11. The Gypsy has a car charger, wall charger, and all cords with it, along with a carrying case, a silicone sleeve, and a printed guide.
  12. An unopened Cricut Stencil roll.
  13. About 10 pairs of Provo Craft decorative scissors.

I am choosing to part with ALL of this stuff, that I've probably spent $2,000+ on, because I'm sick and tired of Provocraft treating consumers so badly. I will admit, I was so naive when it came to electronic die cutters. My friend had a Cricut and so I based my purchase on what she showed me with her machine. Yes, this was just a year ago, but a lot has happened in those 12 months. I have become educated. I discovered the power of Make the Cut and websites that offer individual SVG files for a helluvalot cheaper than a cartridge.

I already replaced my Cuttlebug with a Spellbinders Wizard that I won on ebay.com. I did plenty of research and chose this particular type of manual die cut machine because I LIKE Spellbinders (they are based in Arizona!), and I will enjoy the 'ratcheting' system more than the hand crank system. There are many videos on Youtube.com from the Owner of Spellbinders.

I am replacing my Electronic Die Cut machine with a Craftwell E-Craft. I chose to buy it from hsn.com because they DO offer a 30 day guarantee, and they offer an easy pay feature, which helps the budget. I do plan on working this machine to the best of my ability during those 30 days!

I will be able to hook it up to my computer, via a USB cable and LEGALLY cut SVG files with Make the Cut. THAT is what I'm looking forward to the most!! No, I'm not dropping the Make the Cut Software, I'm dropping the Provocraft! Is it cheaper doing it this way? No, not really, but ethically, YES, it eases my mind removing this brand from my home.

Someone asked me on a message board why I chose the PC Brand. Here's part of my reply:

I was uneducated when making my decision in going with that brand & style of electronic cutters.

Now I KNOW that there are better brands that will let me do my own thing (design) & choose specific images for a better price than spending a lot of money on a cartridge where I would just need 1 or 2 images from it.

A lot of things are designed for an intended purpose, but there are ALWAYS going to be people out there in the world who will want to expand the function of an item. For example, take the Cuttlebug folder. It is an embossing folder. Has it ever been written that you can apply INK to the folder then emboss it? Probably not until one person did it & shared that idea with another. Boom, the functionality of that folder just doubled.

Or, how about those who figured out that turning the cutting blade upside down can let your Cricut become an embosser? They explain that via videos they create & post on their blogs or websites.

Being that there are a variety of electronic cutters out in the market, I really believe the "cartridge" style that PC sells will become obsolete. Cartridges take up a lot of physical room, where with the non-cartridge type cutters can run from a computer.

Before Christmas PC offered a few "virtual" cartridges for Gypsy owners. Consumers jumped at the opportunity to get something for free. Those who followed the rules were able to download & install some prior releases, AND the bonus "virtual" cartridge, "Smiley Cards." I was hoping they would start making more virtual cartridges, to save space. No...it was a one time thing.

Even if you don't have a computer, the Craftwell E-Craft machine can run from an SD card.

You have to admit it is easier to store SD cards or computer files that can be stored on a CD, DVD, thumb dive, or even an external hard drive, compared to storing boxes upon boxes of Cricut Cartridges.

So that is why I am ditching my Provo Craft items. If they had been smart, they would have embraced this emerging technology (Make the Cut and Sure-Cuts-A-Lot software programs) that the other electronic cutter companies welcome, or will be incorporating soon.

Until Next Time--

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  1. You will have to keep us posted on the eCraft! I plan to get a new machine but haven't decided which one yet. =D


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