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My FIRST Stamping/Scrapping Expo

March 27, 2011 I attended my very first stamping/scrapping expo. It was held in Glendale, Arizona and I went with my friend Diana to this 2 day event.

The Expo was the 20th anniversary of Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Expo's event! TWENTY years of organizing a popular event is mind blowing to me. I guess because I have NEVER lived anywhere for that long (military Brat and married a military member!) TWENTY years, or 2 decades of presenting a variety of items to view, sample and buy.

Magic Stamp
The first thing I bought was a MAGIC STAMP. This is a pretty cool item! It looks like a thick piece of fun foam, but it's designed to take the heat--literally! What it does is makes impressions of items for you to create your own stamps.

I took some of these 'beads' from the bag, dropped them on my heat proof mat and heated this Magic Stamp with my heat gun that I use for embossing.
Clear Beads, bought for filling flower vases

Then let it cool and stamped. This is what came up:

Blue background is from Magic Stamp
Once I was done with that impression, I took my heat gun and ran it over the impressed part of the stamp and the design literally 'melted' away right in front of my eyes!!

I bought a lot of metal dies while I was at the expo. Here are some pictures of the ones I purchased:

Nicely detailed butterflies from Spellbinders

Cheery Lynn Designs

I really enjoy browsing all the different die companies out there. Some designs are just SO intricate! Look at these butterflies that you can die cut and emboss from Cheery Lynn Designs! WOW!

Featured in the May, 2001 Cardmaker Magazine, P. 9

Then there are these really gorgeous die cuts! I just had to get the square AND the round version of this style!

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