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Donating to a Worthy Cause!

Friday I was reading posts on the Facebook's Boycott Provo Craft group page and someone mentioned donating their Cricut to a local school. I thought that was a great idea, and that's what I felt was the thing to do--donate my Provocraft items.

Saturday I attended the CK Convention in Mesa, AZ. That evening my friend Diana and I visited the area where the night time crop was being held. There were some women at tables outside the large room. We walked over to them and started talking. They were holding a raffle for a HUGE basket full of scrapbook supplies. They were selling tickets for a chance to win a pair of tickets for a Crop retreat in August at a local casino/hotel. This is a $700+ value. Tickets were $10 each or 3 for $25. I figured, what the hey, I'll donate to this. All the proceeds were going towards a non profit organization called Crops of Luv. They create scrapbooks for families of Make-A-Wish recipients, along with other organizations.

We were talking about scrapping and they mentioned the Cricut from Provo Craft. I told them I was boycotting that brand and was thinking of donating my items to a local school. Roberta mentioned, "I have a really good idea of a place you could donate your items." I asked her what, and she mentioned THEIR GROUP!

She explained about what they do, answered more questions and mentioned they are an official 501(C) Charity, so it would be a tax write-off. Hmmm, WHAT a great idea!! We made arrangements for someone from their group to come pick up all my things on Tuesday the 19th.

Here are pictures of what they are getting:

12 pairs of Provo Craft decorator Scissors

There is a total of 35 Cartridges in this collage.

Cuttlebug machine, 1 "A" plate, 4 "B" plates, 1 "C" plate, 3 Alphabet Die sets, 3 folder/die Combo sets, 63 Embossing folders of various sizes; and 13 individual dies.

A Cricut Create Machine with an extended warranty until 03/2013; A Cricut Expression/Gypsy Bundle with extended warrant until 08/2013; The "Cricut Essentials" kit, A Gypsy case, silicone sleeve and all the power cords associated with it.

2 24x12" mats, & 3 12x12" mats. There are also 3 12x6" mats, which are packed with the Create Machine.

The Gypsy has all the cartridges linked to it, along with the 2 'virtual' cartridges that came on it (Gypsy Wanderings, & Gypsy Font), PLUS the download of the 5 virtual cartridges Provo Craft offered back in November, 2010. They are "Blackletter" font; "Christmas" Solutions, "Printing Press" font, "Smiley Cards" full cartridge; and "Tags, Bags, Boxes & More" full Cartridge,

I'm excited that such a worthy cause is receiving all of these items. I hope it sustains the organization for awhile with the ability to create items for their scrapbooks. A few people have mentioned that I must be CRAZY to just get rid of all this and not receive any money. Naw...Don't need the money, thankfully. I DO need the peace of mind that there's no more Provo Craft in my house. I believe in this boycot so strongly that keeping ANY Provo Craft items in my home just isn't good Karma for me. I've made a fresh start with a new Electronic die cutting machine (the eCraft from Craftwell), a new manual die cut/embossing machine (Spellbinders Wizard) and Life is good. I never have to buy another cartridge.

While Provo Craft pushes their latest machine to the masses via infomercials, HSN.com mind-numbing segments, and all the inflated hype with their over the top advertising, I'll be happy knowing I don't need to get that "gotta have that new cartridge" feeling!

If YOU have any scrapbooking items you aren't using, please contact this organization. They can always use supplies, AND they can use volunteers to help with putting together pages for the scrapbooks they donate to these families who are going through such a rough time with critically ill loved ones.

Until Next Time--

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  1. What an incredibly wonderful and amazing act of kindness this is. Good for you.


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