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Craftwell eCraft

I've had my "Skye" (aka, Blue) Craftwell eCraft for almost a week now. I ordered it from HSN.com

Here is the review I submitted to HSN. I wanted to share it with you.

Please watch the videos at the craftwellusa.com website to understand ALL the features! You'll be glad you did.
Less storage needed for their SD cards & a fold-out sheet for images which shows RED lines for drawing and BLACK lines for cutting.
Company has its own OFFLINE software program you can download. Plus you can import SVG's!!
No Storage boxes!
No Overlays!
No Cartridges!
No bulky books!
No sticky mats!
No Spatulas!


I'm actually enjoying using the SD card that came with the eCraft. Last night while falling asleep, I was wondering why I enjoy this machine so much compared to the OTHER machine I bought...The aforementioned "NO" list pretty much sums it up. Look at the 'footprint' of a Cricut Cartridge box--it is bulky, has that clear plastic 'insert' to house the cartridge, it has the book with what? 4 different languages? Plus the overlay. It's a pretty big box to store and if you have a LOT of the boxes, you have to have EXTRA room to store ALL those boxes. This is what I did with my Cricut cartridges to store them:

Cartridge boxes are stored in a plastic container stored under my bed!

So because this container is at the OTHER end of the house, I'd have to walk there (THIS is a big house!) to grab the cartridge, bring it to the machine, use it, then bring it back to store it. Ridiculous, I tell you! YES, there are 30 Cartridge boxes in there. PLUS the One storage box that can house up to 6 cartridges--there are FOUR in that one as well.

My next project is to get my eCraft out of the craft room and next to my laptop computer. There's room for it, but just a matter of finding the time to work on rearranging things Until then, I'll just print from the SD card. Nice designs on there from which to choose!

Until Next Time--

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