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Learning to shoot Hummingbirds!

I thought I'd post some more pictures that I have taken in the past. I really enjoy my camera (the Panasonic DMC-FZ18 Lumix.) I remember when I got this camera, it was in the spring of 2008. Hubby and I weren't married yet, but we JUST picked up our wedding rings. Wait, let me take that back. We were married in December, 2007 at a courthouse. Our chapel wedding was in June, 2008. So our religious ceremony hadn't happened yet.

We found our wedding bands at Fred Meyer's Jewelry store in one of the local malls. The bands we chose had to be resized, which we got to pick up on one Saturday morning. I looked at the band in the box at the store and said, "That's NOT my ring!" I knew what my ring looked like because it took forever to find it. I needed a band that looked like a soft chevron shape, so it would fit around my engagement ring. THIS was not that shape. Talk about wanting to cry!! I was hoping it would be in that day because we were going to a festival after we picked up our rings and I had a chance to "test drive" my ring...AKA, WEAR it! So I was very upset that I didn't get the ring that day!! It would have been my only chance to wear it BEFORE the wedding, and THAT wasn't going to happen. GRRRRRR!!!! I did manage to get a gift card from the store as an apology and a couple days later MY ring was finally found and sent to that store. YEY!

Once we got the rings home, I wanted to take pictures of the rings for my wedding website through weddingwire.com. I took one picture and then my camera died. This was a Kodak EasyShare camera I bought way back in 2001. It had been my FIRST digital camera, and I was surprised it lasted that long! The camera was not bad--but then again, it wasn't the BEST, since it was 5 years old and technology in digital cameras had improved SO much in those 5 years.

So Erik told me, "Well, go buy another one tomorrow." Well, OKAY, if you INSIST! I went to Fry's Electronics and started looking at the many displays they offered. I knew I wanted one specific thing in my next digital camera and that was a high OPTICAL zoom. The digital zoom just doesn't create such a crisp, sharp image that the optical zoom would create. The salesman steered me towards the Panasonic. I LOVED it and bought it along with an extra battery since it didn't take standard batteries.

It took a couple weeks to get used to this new camera, but I was getting the hang of it. Here's a picture I took when I first got the Panasonic:
Focused on the leaves & not the hummingbird!

I wasn't used to photographing hummingbirds, so it took awhile to learn to focus on the BIRD and not the surroundings! What's cool about this next picture is that I took it through a WINDOW! Seriously! You can see the reflection of the glass on the left side of the picture.

Hummingbird landing on the feeder

This next picture is one of my favorites, just because of the color due to the time of the day (twilight). Again, this was taken through the window. I was inside our family room and the feeder was about a foot away from the window. There was no screen on the window at the time.

Flying in for a feeding. Around 7pm

Here's another awesome picture.
Hummingbird just drank from the feeder

Now, the AMAZING part of that SAME picture once I zoomed to the 1:1 size then cropped it:

Hummingbird sticking out his tongue!

I have more hummingbird pictures which I'll upload on another day. These birds are fascinating creatures--albeit TINY ones!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. beautiful!

  2. Great job, I love the pictures, I never have my camera when I see the birds.


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