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Saturday, March 1

January and February 2014 Pictures

Can you believe it's March?!  

Life is zooming by at the speed of sound the older I get.  I've been so busy with painting bedrooms in the house.  When we moved here, each bedroom had its own color.  Unfortunately, the colors are DARK and make the bedrooms look small. Four years later, I am finally getting the time to get them painted. 

I have to paint primer and then the color that we have throughout the common areas of our home (Apache Tan from Dunn-Edwards.) So one bedroom is painted, but I need to finish painting the baseboards.  Then onto the next bedroom, which is my stepson's.  He'll be moved into the newly painted bedroom so I won't have to work around the furniture.  

I just realized I haven't posted very many pictures lately...so here are some of my favorities I have taken this year.  Enjoy!

Silhouette of a small hawk on the light pole that is near the back of our property

Hawk flew to the top of our Sissoo tree

Lemon tree blossoms

See the baby lemons forming?  YES, in February!

Hubby and his son at Arizona Diamondbacks FanFest

Stepson playing PitchOut at Fanfest

These are my two favorite SCHOTTS in the world!

My stepson and I were sitting in the bleachers at FanFest

Stepson strikes a pose with Mickey Mouse at FanFest

huge concrete baseball outside Chase Field

Harry, our Malchi, was playing with his 'cousin' Chloe!

Chloe is so TINY next to Harry.

That rope bone is almost as big as Chloe.

Chloe sauntered out onto the pool's Katch-a-Leaf Cover.

How much is that puppy in the mirror?!

I caught Harry peeking under the bedroom door at Chloe.

Chloe investigating the whining and black spot under the door

Beautiful Bird of Paradise 

Door sign created with Vinyl, 4x4" artist canvas, Mod-Podge and Ribbon

One of the more recent cards I created.
Stamps from Close To My Heart

Another greeting card created using a Close To My Heart stamp set.

Monday, January 27

34 Things I want you to know about ME

This post is for a Blog Party at SimpleScrapper.com It's a pretty cool website for someone who is *NOT* a scrapper....um, ME! I'm wanting to work on scrapbooks more, and found the website before the end of 2013. So one of my desires is to work on scrapbook pages in 2014. 

Jennifer Wilson, is sharing 34 things about herself for her daughter.  It's a birthday gift from herself for her daughter's benefit.  I thought it was a great idea, so I'm participating.  

  1. I was born in another country.  My dad was stationed in Japan for part of his 31 years, 4 months and 2 days in the US Navy.  
  2. I love dark chocolate. I love milk chocolate as well.  
  3. My dad used to call me George.  I have no idea how I earned that nickname, but when we would be working in the garage, he'd call me George. "Okay George."  
  4. For my 4th birthday, I received a little plastic "cut grasser" which was the ONLY thing I wanted for my birthday!
  5. I am a Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.    
  6. I always swore I would never get married and never have children.  Now I say, "never say never!"
  7. I have a variety of clocks around the house.  ONE of them is accurate--the one that gets its time wirelessly.  
  8. Walking into a hardware store is like going on a field trip for me. The smell of sawdust relaxes me.  
  9. I still have records...as in LP's...ALBUMS. I even have a couple albums that my sister gave me.
  10. I've been told I sound like my older sister, Judy.  She passed away in 1998. When I attended her funeral and talked to her friends, they were amazed that I sounded like her.  
  11. I broke my left wrist two different times when I lived in Hawaii.  Both incidents involved trees.   
  12. I shook President Clinton's hand at a rally in Fort Worth, Texas.
  13. I won one thousand dollars from a radio station contest.  
  14. When I was 10 years old, I saw my dog get run over by a car.  That image still haunts me today.  
  15. I really don't like glitter.  I think it has to do with a control issue. I cannot control it. It goes everywhere I do NOT want it to go! I only use glitter gel glue and glitter pens now.  
  16. I got to take a cruise to Hawaii and a cruise to Alaska. I'd cruise to Alaska again in a heartbeat.   
  17. The only time I have ever been to San Francisco was in the airport as I traveled to and from South Korea in April and October of 2000. I'm still waiting to go there one day with my husband.
  18. At the top of my bucket list is taking a hot air balloon ride.  
  19. I have 4 tattoos.  One is a hot air balloon, one is a shooting star, one is a turtle, and one is the Pittsburgh Steelers Logo
  20. When I was in middle school, I figured out a solution to win the Peg Game with only one peg remaining in the first empty hole. That's my one "claim to fame."  
  21. I got my driver's license when I was 18 years old.  
  22. I constantly have the song, "I love Rock n Roll" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts running through my head.  
  23. I comprehend information a lot better by reading than listening. 
  24. I worked at McDonald's when the McRib was introduced. It was nasty back then working with it, dressing the sandwich with onions and pickles, and to this day I can't even think of wanting to eat a McRib.
  25. I love Rock 'n' Roll, so put another dime in the jukebox, baby.
  26. The first concert I took my daughters to see was The Beach Boys!
  27. My favorite color is white.  
  28. If I hadn't been accepted to college, I would have joined the US Navy. 
  29. At the last minute, my father decided to change my name from Jean to Jann. My mom found out after he showed her the paperwork he submitted for my birth certificate.    
  30. I have a double jointed jaw.  It makes dentists cringe when I show them.  
  31. I have fallen into Pearl Harbor.  
  32. I had many pen pals when I was growing up.  I still keep in touch with one of them.  
  33. Chicken and dumplings is my ultimate comfort food meal.  They have to be slippery, flat (rolled) dumplings, not the puffy, doughy kind.   
  34. I really hate mushrooms.  Cooked mushrooms look like slugs. I hate slugs more than I hate mushrooms.
Well there you go.  Jennifer is hosting this Blog Party until the end of February.  So what are the 34 things you want to let others know?  Share with her!