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A visit

I accompanied my mother to Redding, California the week before Thanksgiving.  It was a spur of the moment trip to go see Maryanne, a really good friend of mom's. They've known each other since June, 1953.  "Palsis" is what she nicknamed herself to mom...and I've heard so much about her from mom, it's almost like she is a genuine aunt. Aunt Palsis's husband and my daddy went through an EOD school in Indian Head, Maryland.  They used to commute from Washington, DC.  I got to meet Maryanne's oldest daughter.  Jamie is a retired school teacher and a grandmother of a really cute little boy named Dean. Dean is about 4 months older than my great nephew. Being around Jamie was really nice--it was almost as if I had an older sister, which is a great feeling, since my sister passed away in 1998. 

The weather was wonderful, and we really enjoyed our visit.  We stayed in a beautiful Marriott Property--in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom handicapped accessible room.  My mom needs a walk in shower due to arthritis and a hip replacement, so we were able to stay in  a luxurious suite! There was a large kitchen with service for 4, full sized appliances, and small appliances.  The living area was connected to the dining area, so that was one large room. Our bedrooms were large with plenty of drawer space and a closet area for items to be hung. Plus our own TVs and another one in the living room.    

Breakfast was served daily, which was wonderful.  I did find out the hard way that the waffle maker is really only for waffle batter--not for adding blueberries to the mix and cooking. (OOPS!)  

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The front of our hotel had a fireplace!

The next morning we went for a ride with Palsis and her son-in-law, Roger.  He and his wife live in Hat Creek, which is quite a distance away, up up up in the mountains.  The drive was beautiful going up in elevation.  We stopped  along a pull-off and I got some nice pictures of the valley below. 

Heading UP the mountain to Hat Creek. 
Thankfully there are passing lanes 
to get around the slower trucks.

Sierra Pacific Saw Mill in
Burney, California

Mt. Burney, California

Beautiful day for a ride in
northern California

Mom on the right and me on the left,
with Mt. Burney in the back

Roger and mom viewing the scenery


We got to the house where Palsis's daughter and son-in-law live. Now that both are retired, they have some time to do some long overdue  projects--like build a workshop, work on joining the two back patios to make ONE long patio to go the length of the house. They can also enjoy their home.  

Big Roy, a roadside icon
(and Geocache location)
outside their driveway.

The back yard mostly looks like this.  

Firewood with moss growing on it
A bear carcass was found
on the property.
This is the skull.

Roger's workshop, finally built,
has antlers mounted from
various animals. 

One of Roger's hobby is
panning for gold.  This is a
hood ornament given to him. 

Another view of their back yard.

More moss growing on some rocks.
Very rarely do I find moss
where we live. It's too arid.

Their house is
a beauty inside and out.

Yes, there is snow on the ground
and the picnic table. Notice
the table top is from a split log.
One of the events we miss
in Arizona is watching
the leaves turn colors in autumn.

Firewood cut for their stove
almost looks like a tree
within a tree.

These are pine cones from Sugar
Pine trees. They are GINORMOUS!
The white pieces seen on the cone
tips are sap.  VERY sticky sap.
Mom and me standing below Big Roy.
Big Roy was originally a Muffler Man.

This company uses spare parts
to create large structures,
AKA Junkyard Art

Why yes, I spotted this
giraffe RIGHT away!
It's a bird! It's a Plane!
It's...Super Swine!

An Inchworm, a grasshopper,
a duck and a dinosaur
go into a junkyard....
A fisherman with the
catch of his life

This almost looks like an angry bird
with menacing teeth.

Can you imagine this snowman when
it snows at this location? He'd blend!

Keeping with the frigid
theme is a large penguin
Then it was time to head back down the mountain.  We rode a different way back to Redding.  We went up in elevation and there was quite a bit of snow on the roadside.  

This was the outdoor temperature
before we started descending.

There's quite a bit of snow
in the fields off the road.

Beautiful trees and snow

November, 2015 and lots of snow

It really was a beautiful ride down
the mountain to Redding.

This was probably the most snow I
saw on our ride.

The roads had very little ice on
them which was good for driving.

The pine trees were so large!

Snow amount decreased
in this area.

NO more snow,
but the trees were colorful.

Taken from the car, the sun was
shining on this gorgeous tree.
We visited an area called Turtle Bay, which has this bridge called Sundial Bridge.  Yes, the sundial does work. There are brass disks stating the date and time the sundial works.  I literally stumbled upon these and I fell over the cement 'curb' and saw the brass disks.  

The Sundial arm (or is it hand?)

Brass disks centered on the curb

Close up of one of the disks

This is the brass disk that tripped me.

I found a leaf that fell on the bridge.

Looking at the end of the bridge.

There was a mini 'sweeper' that cleaned the
glass block aisles. A caution triangle is on the left, and the
maintenance crew is cleaning on that same aisle.

A male duck dive

A female duck dive

An egret looking for some food.
The color of the egret's feet are yellow.
Birds on a cement island. Amazing
how trees and shrubs grow there.
I love taking pictures of
spider webs. This one was between
two railings along the bridge. 

Looks like some fishermen down stream

Oh, never mind.  Those look like cowboys
roping in some seahorses instead.

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